Intelligent Navigation, Smart Scheduling, Innovative Interactive Design


Pudu robots use a dual system of SLAM technology. Visual SLAM technology calculates the position and orientation of the robot with respect to its immediate environment using visual input from cameras. Laser SLAM technology uses laser sensors to generate a 3D map of the immediate environment and calculate the robot’s distance from nearby objects by illuminating the object with a laser pulse.


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Intelligent Scheduling

The Pudu cloud platform provides powerful and intelligent service support.


Including management, operation and maintenance platforms together with a scenario data collection system, the operation status of robots is analysed in real time enabling insightful decisions and intelligent service.

3D Obstacle Omnidirectional Avoidance

Bionic Designs & Smart Expressions

Innovative bionic design that is perfect for human interaction from the height of the machine body to the screen tilt and the robot’s curved shaping.


Dozens of original expressions along with voice communication makes the emotional feedback of BellaBot truly diverse and resulting in a satisfying interaction.


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