A delivery robot with superior interaction capabilities for the hospitality and retail sectors. Featuring an innovative bionic design, cute modelling, multi-modal interaction and a long battery life. BellaBot provides an friendly and efficient robot delivery experience.


Intelligent Navigation / Bionic Aesthetics / 3D Obstacle Avoidance / Smart Expressions / Pudu Scheduler


Watch the demo here – Pudu BellaBot


A simple designed robot for delivering advertising messages in retail or hospitality environments. The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body allow the robot to go through a clearance of only 55cm, making it an ideal choice in complex and crowded retail environments.


Marketing Expert / Dedicated Usher / Table Delivery / Cruise Mode / Multi-robot Cooperation / Auto Charging


Watch the demo here – Pudu KettyBot


A delivery robot which innovatively applies automation to hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Equipped with intelligent routing, high carrying capacity, paging function and voice control, the HolaBot boosts efficiency, improves service and reduces costs.


Pager Function / Large Capacity / Voice Instructions / Waterproof Cabin


Watch the demo here – Pudu HolaBot

flashbot_yellow 08.29.52


IoT technology allows operating instructions to be transmitted between FlashBot and other devices in the building via a cloud-based network connection. This enables FlashBot to take elevators automatically for delivery across floors and perform many other complex functions.


Modular Compartment / 3D Obstacle Avoidance / Auto-Charging / Intelligent Navigation / Multi-Robot Scheduling / Insightful Dashboards


Watch the demo here – Pudu FlashBot

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All cleaning needs can be easily met by one machine with the CC1’s sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping functionality. Super suction power, perfect fit into any corner, an easy reach up to every edge and suitable for both hard floors and soft carpets.


Intelligent Navigation / Automatic Water Addition & Drainage / Auto Charging / Intelligent Lift Control / Digital Reporting


Watch the demo here – Pudu CC1Bot